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MVM offers various service packages designed to meet the needs of professional mechanics who partner with us. The full package is for professional mechanics who want to start their own mobile service business. This package is a complete turnkey system that we call our Owner Operator Mobile Mechanic Service System. This comprehensive package includes everything you need to operate a successful on-site automotive maintenance and repair business. We also offer a package for mechanics who already operate their own mobile repair business but they want to grow their business and take it to the next level. We call this our Professional Level Services and it focuses on all the Marketing and Management tools needed to secure new clients and operate more efficiently.

Our standard vehicle is a Ford Transit T-350 High Roof Cargo Van with a Long Wheelbase. However, based on availability and partner’s preference, we can also provide full one-ton chassis manufactured by GMC and Ram with both open and closed beds options.

MVM Pros offers all the service equipment mobile mechanics need to operate a successful business. Our package can include air compressors, oil fill tanks, waste oil tanks, pumps, hoses, reels, jacks, jack stands, and other equipment necessary to completely up-fit a service vehicle.

MVM Pros will provide each PLS Partner with software specifically designed to help mechanics run their business more efficiently. This subscription. service will provide each Partner with a full range of programs to manage their customer's vehicles, order parts, collect payments, and compile detailed reports. All onboarding and training will be provided directly by the software developer.

MVM Pros will offer its PLS Partners a subscription to the industry’s leading diagnostic software. This service provides Partners with repair, estimating, and maintenance information, along with real-world knowledge in a single lookup. The service integrates directly with the management software to streamline the entire shop management process. All onboarding and training will be provided directly by the software company.

MVM Pros will build and manage a customized website, secure the domain name, and provide hosting services for each Partner. This website will be built using the Partner’s unique business name, contact information, and list-specific services provided.

MVM Pros will create, build, and maintain each Partner’s business page across several platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others. The account creations will include all the necessary business and business owner information. In addition, MVM Pros will add new content a minimum of twice per week. This new content will be in the form of posts, videos, blogs, etc.

MVM Pros will conduct a detailed Market Evaluation Report for the Partner’s designated service area. This report will include target market, market size, pricing potential, competitor analysis, growth potential, etc. Based on the information gathered in this repose we will customize a marketing plan for our partners that includes, digital marketing, direct marketing, and traditional marketing campaigns designed to drive more customers to our partners.

MVM Pros will provide both a text message and email marketing platform. MVM pros will create, implement, and automate a standard text and email marketing process, and all appropriate content. Marketing campaigns will include client follow-up, as well as general promotional marketing campaigns.

MVM offers a comprehensive library of online training material that partners can access at their convenience and refer to over and over as much as necessary. The training portal is designed to not only tell you but show you how to navigate the software and use all the resources available in our packages.

Support for each item included in the selected service package will be provided by MVM Pros or one of its preferred vendors unless otherwise stated. MVM Pros will also provide continuous product and service updates which will be made available to all Partners accordingly.

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