mvm tech pros service vehicle unit

Equipment Package

Equipment Package

The service vehicle is an essential part of any mobile business. If you don’t already have a van, the MVM Tech Pros SVU is custom-engineered to allow you to take your shop to your clients. The MVM Tech Pros SVU is designed exclusively for our PARTNERS and is included in your OOMMSS Package.

Your MVM Tech Pros SVU is built using a Ford Transit (or similar) High Roof Cargo Van and provides enough cargo capacity to accommodate all of your equipment, tools, and inventory. The High Roof design allows enough headroom to walk around the interior of the SVU comfortably.

high speed vacuum-transfer lube skid
High Speed Vacuum-Transfer Lube Skid

The fluid exchange systems use a patented pump-free design, allowing the end-user to dispense and drain fluids faster using cutting-edge vacuum technology.

commercial grade steel shelving
Commercial Grade Steel Shelving

Enough storage to handle all your tools, equipment, and inventory needs. Fully customizable options allow your SVU to adapt to your individual preferences.

service and equipment package
Service And Equipment Package

Your SVU comes equipped with jacks, jack stands, hoses, reels, creeper, safety equipment, and items needed to operate as a professional mobile service technician.

business management package
Business Management Package

The most robust and comprehensive software available, a customized website, business social media accounts, a complete marketing system, and more.

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