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Jumpstart Package

The Jumpstart Package from MVM Pros is designed to establish your business presence and quickly grow your customer base.

Business Formation

MVM Pros will help you legally form your new business, apply for all necessary business licenses, register your new business with the IRS, and obtain all required business insurance.

Brand Design

MVM Pros will help you establish a logo and brand design for your business. Once you have selected a logo and brand design, we'll use them to create a uniform design across all of your marketing resources.

Business Profile

MVM Pros will help you to establish a profile of all of your important business information and ensure consistency across all customer-facing content. We'll help you establish items such as your service area, business hours, featured services, labor rates and pricing, etc., and make sure your customers have easy access to all necessary information.

Business Website

MVM Pros will design, build and host a customized website for your business. Your website will be designed to maximize your visitor's interest while allowing them to book their service directly from your website.

Social Media Marketing: Management and Content

MVM Pros will create, build, and maintain your business page across several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. We’ll also add new and engaging content specifically for your business, in the form of posts, videos, blogs, and more.

Training & Support

MVM Pros will provide training and support on all items included in your Jumpstart Package. We will also include best practices associated with each item that will help you to maximize the value of each item.

Business Roadmap

As your business grows, MVM Pros will be here to provide additional resources along the way. Additional marketing strategies (direct marketing, paid advertising, email marketing), shop management software, and even service vehicles and equipment.

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