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MVM offers a complete package that includes everything you need to start your own mobile automotive service business including a service van, equipment, and all of the back office resources required. However, if you are already a mobile mechanic and you have your own work vehicle and equipment, we can still help you build, manage, and grow your existing business with our Professional Level Services package. This is a complete business marketing and management system that helps you get more customers and run your business more efficiently which means you Make More Money.


MVM TECH PROS is a national business development organization that is focused on helping experienced mechanics become self-employed as Professional Mobile Automotive Service Technicians. For mechanics who already operate a mobile service we offer the resources they need to take their business to the next level. Our professional service include marketing, management, training, and support.


Our Mission is to serve experienced mechanics by providing them with an opportunity to become Professional Mobile Automotive Service Technicians and be in business for themselves.


MVM Pros will help hundreds of experienced mechanics become business owners. Find a new and fulfilling career as a Professional Automotive Service Technician with our exclusive Tech Partner Program.


As a professional mechanic, you have chosen to be in the service industry. As a business development organization, we have chosen to support you. Our commitment to the highest level of service and support is what makes this partnership the best in the industry.

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Income Projection


Hrs / week

It's your business, work as many or as few hours as you want, but on average 40 Hrs / week.


Gross Annual Revenue

If you bill out an average of 40 hours and charge your customers just $85 per hour labor rates, you can make $170,000 annual gross revenue.


Weekly Expense

With our low overhead mobile business model your fixed expenses should average only about $500 weekly.


Net Annual Revenue

After expenses, just in labor fees, you would earn $145,000 annual net revenue.

You can charge more and work more to make more. it’s your business!

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